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1. When do we need to approve time cards?
2. I have regular schedules for some of my part-time employees. Can I schedule them in Kronos?
3. What if I forget to schedule a full-time employee in Kronos?
4. I’m a supervisor but I can’t see my timecard. Do I have one?
5. How do I request leave time?
6. How is compensatory time calculated? I selected compensatory time but Kronos is showing me as getting paid for 41 hours. Why is that?
7. If I’m out sick how does my sick leave get entered into Kronos?
8. If I have already requested leave and been approved for a date that is on or after the go-live date above, do I have to submit the request again?
9. Time timeclock shows a different time than my cell phone and watch. What will be considered correct?
10. Will supervisors have access to their own schedule?
11. Should meal times be recorded into the scheduled shift?? (As a break segment)
12. Will there be Apple Mac users on Kronos?
13. Will employees be able to transfer jobs at the time clocks?
14. Will employees be able to access WTK (Workforce Time Keeper) via the PC?
15. What are the exception triggers?? (How many minutes past a schedule start time will a late in punch exception be triggered? Late Out?? Early In?? Early Out?)
16. How does paid leave time work (Sick, Vacation, Compensatory)? What about timecard changes?
17. Do time cards need to be exported into Excel to be saved?
18. Who will input overtime, special events, classes, meetings, etc.?
19. Will the top bar in the “Manage my department” tab be the same, i.e. missed punches, etc.?
20. Specific to Fire Shift Personnel - What employees can be seen by each Captain?
21. Specific to Fire Shift Personnel - What about our floating employees?
22. Specific to Fire Shift Personnel - What schedule groups will we have?
23. Specific to Fire Shift Personnel - How do Captains approve duty exchanges (Swapped Shift and Shift Relief)?
24. Specific to Fire Shift Personnel - Who will change out of class pay?
25. Specific to Police Sworn - Will we be able to print timesheets for officers that will be working GHSO Grants?
26. Specific to Police Sworn - What happens if an officer comes up on an accident or gets dispatched to a call before roll call or after they have clocked out?
27. How do I sign up for the Kronos Mobile App?
28. Is there refresher training for those of us who need it?
29. If I make a request for vacation in test will I need to make it again once we go live?