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Tour The Stones River Water Treatment Plant

  1. Tour Policy
    The tour policy set forth by the Murfreesboro Water Resources Department is designed to ensure the safety of employees, visitors, and the facilities. Furthermore, the tour policy ensures our ability to provide quality, safe, and reliable water service to the customers of the Department.
  2. Guidelines for Visitors

    No open toed shoes or heeled shoes. To ensure security and safety of the facility, photography and videography are prohibited. A staff member of the facility can take a group photo at the beginning of the tour. WEAPONS ARE PROHIBITED. Tours are conducted by Plant Personnel. You must stay with your guide always. Tours will consist of considerable walking both inside and outside, on stairs, and over metal grates. Be respectful and safety conscious of the facility. Do not touch any equipment, instrumentation, computers, tablets, etc.

  3. Guidelines for School Field Trips

    Tour availability times are Monday-Friday 7:00 am – 3:00 pm. Accommodations outside of this time frame can be made with reasonable prior notification. Call and schedule a tour date and time with Administrative Assistant at 615-848-3222.

  4. Two weeks prior to the tour, call or email Joe Russell at 615-848-3222/ to confirm the tour and provide the total number of students, teachers, and/or parents participating in the tour.
  5. Arrival at the Facility (5528 Sam Jared Drive, Murfreesboro)

    You will enter through the main gate (Gate 1) and will check-in using the call box which is located to the left of the gate. Press and Hold the button while talking to announce who you are and that you are here for a tour. Once a staff member opens the gate, continue straight down the drive where you will then see the main offices. Proceed to the sliding doors to the left where you will be greeted by a member of the staff.

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