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Payment Extension Request


  1. 1. Payment Extension Policy
  2. 2. Payment Extension Request
  • Payment Extension Policy

    1. Payment Extensions

      Please read the policy on Payment Extensions and Agree to continue

    2. Customers with a past due balance of $50 or greater and more than 20 days past due are subject to having their service disconnected for non-payment.

    3. To avoid interruption of service, customers can request a Payment Extension online by Noon of the day prior to cut-off.

      The extension is for seven (7) days and the FULL amount of the past due balance must be paid by the extended date.

    4. Payment Extensions are not allowed for:

      Returned (insufficient funds) payments - Payment arrangement in effect - Accounts currently disconnected

    5. Please Note:

      Online extensions MUST be requested by Noon the day prior to cut-off. In-person extensions can be requested at our Customer Service office until 9 a.m. on the day of cut-off. Please call Customer Service at 615-848-3209 if you have any questions.

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