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Pre-Application Meeting Request & Checklist


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  • Step One

    1. Pre-Application Meeting Request and Checklist  Form Banner
    2. This form only pertains to Site Plans, Preliminary Plats and Planned Development Zoning Applications.  

      Applicant shall complete items 1-6, submit items 7-13 and remit to assigned Planner when requesting a meeting. Additional information may be identified during the course of the plan review process.

    3. 7) Attach Completed Due Diligence Checklist if applicable
    4. 8) Attach Draft Dimensioned Site Plan / Preliminary Plat (whichever is applicable) drawn to scale and with site date table, including proposed use description
    5. 9) Attach Conceptual Utility Plan
    6. 10) Attach Conceptual Grading/Drainage Plan (type of storm water controls, location, and ultimate outfall)
    7. 11) Attach Conceptual Landscaping Plan (inc. tree preservation, location of new landscaping & fencing)
    8. 12) Attach Location & type of pole lighting and lighting fixtures (shouldn’t conflict with trees) *
    9. 13) Attach Architectural Elevations (must be prepared by a licensed architect if building >5,000 sf) *
    10. *Only applicable to Site Plans