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Due Diligence Meeting Request and Checklist

  1. Due Diligence Meeting Request and Checklist  Form Banner

  2. This form only pertains to Site Plans and Rezoning.  The information contained in this document shall not be considered exhaustive.  Additional information may be identified during the course of the plan review process. Applicant shall complete items 1-6, submit items 7 & 8 and remit to assigned Planner when requesting a meeting.

  3. 7) *Attach Dimensioned Conceptual Site Layout depicting building, vehicle & pedestrian access, parking, landscape, and potential drainage area
  4. 8) **Attach conceptual building architectural drawing or photos
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  6. 11) Planning to determine surrounding neighborhood characteristics if needed
  7. 14) Staff to Identify other nearby proposed or active development projects in area Commercial center is proposed on east corner, liquor store and commercial north of that.
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