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Financial Aid - Parks and Rec programs

  1. Type of Aid
  2. Child(ren)'s Address
  3. Verification Release
    By submitting this form, I confirm that my child(ren) participate(s) in the Rutherford County School System school lunch program as Free or Reduced. I hereby authorize the Rutherford County School Systems from all liability for releasing said information. I hereby release the City of Murfreesboro from all liability associated with the gathering, use, and/or release of any information relative to my eligibility for financial assistance. I understand that any information possessed by the City of Murfreesboro and/or the Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Department is public record under the Tennessee Public Records Law, T.C.A. Section 10-7-501 et Seq. I give my permission for any photos or video footage of myself and/or my child or ward taken during the course of this sport or activity to be used for educational, promotional, or any other purpose.
  4. Minor Information
    Requirements: Ages 18 and under, still in school
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