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Application for Film or Video Production Location Agreement


    Welcome to the City of Murfreesboro! We are glad you have chosen our City to film your production. In order to accommodate your needs while you are filming, as well as to ensure that City services for residents continue with minimal interruption, please complete the below application. A signed location agreement and certificate of insurance naming the City of Murfreesboro as an additional insured is required prior to filming on any City-owned property. Additional questions may be directed to Kelley Blevins Baker, Deputy City Attorney, at

  2. Application Request Timeline*

    I understand that this request must be submitted at least 7 business days (Monday-Friday 8:00 am -4:30 pm CST) prior to the requested filming date. If outside of this timeframe, there is less possibility your request will be approved or accommodated by the requested date.

  3. Certificate of Insurance*

    Licensee agrees to obtain a single limit commercial general liability insurance policy in the amount of $1,000,000.00 covering bodily injury, including death and property damage, and including coverage for contractual liability. Licensee shall provide City a copy of a certificate of insurance for such policy and an endorsement specifying that the City of Murfreesboro is named as an additional insured for the purposes of this project before beginning its use of the scheduled lands and facilities. The procuring of insurance is for Licensee’s protection as well as the City’s and does not limit the amount of damages which the City may be legally entitled to pursue.  If possible, please attach to application.  Location Agreement will NOT be distributed for signatures/approval until proof of insurance is received.

  4. Name of production company or individual requesting filming permission (this name should match the name on the insurance certificate and will be used to create a location agreement).

  5. For Corporation or LLC, list state of incorporation. For Students, list name of school. If none apply, type None.

  6. This name will be included on the location agreement for signature.

  7. This job title will be included on the location agreement for signature.

  8. Email address will be used to distribute the location agreement for electronic signature. Please verify information is correct before submitting.

  9. Describe your production. Please include an estimate of total cast, crew, vehicles and equipment, specific streets and locations and any other information that may be helpful in understanding your production request.

  10. If there are any issues the day of the shoot, this person should be on site and available to receive a phone call.

  11. Sites and Facilities Requested*

    Select all areas included in film request. If "Other" is selected, include area requested in next field. Depending on the location desired for filming, additional coordination, reservation and/or fees may apply. Applicant must reserve and pay all fees in addition to this application and location agreement. Certain applications will also require Special Event Application and Permit.

    *Note:  Rutherford County Courthouse and inner area of the Murfreesboro Square is the jurisdiction of Rutherford County.  Any filming or use of that area must be approved by the Rutherford County Mayor’s office (615) 898-7745.  After approval by the County, a City parking permit may also be required – please contact Ram Balachandran (615) 893-6441.

  12. If the site or facility requested for filming is not included in the previous list, please describe it here. Please also use this space to describe specific parks and recreation facilities or street locations/addresses.

  13. Filming Needs / Requests*

    Check all that apply

  14. If you have filming needs/requests not included in the previous list or checked a filming need, please describe additional information about your request here.

  15. Drone Usage

    If you plan to use a drone, the applicant must, as required by FAA regulations, contact the Murfreesboro Airport at 615-848-3254 prior to flying a drone and provide the required information about the location, time, and altitude of the flight.

  16. Noise Ordinance Variance

    Please view the City’s Noise Ordinance online.

    Please read the Noise Ordinance carefully to evaluate whether it applies to your filming event. The Board of Zoning Appeals is authorized to grant relief in the form of a variance from the maximum permissible sound levels established under the Noise Ordinance if the Board finds that such relief is in the public interest or if the strict application of such sound levels would create an undue hardship on the person seeking relief and there is no reasonable and prudent alternative method for engaging in the activity for which the variance is sought. Please note the Board of Zoning Appeals only meets once per month and applications for a variance must be submitted prior to the meeting. Contact the Planning Department at (615) 893-6441 for specific dates for submittals to the BZA or check online meeting dates and deadlines

    If your filming event involves non-commercial speech, you may be able to receive a temporary permit from the Mayor or City Manager that will allow you to exceed the maximum permissible sound levels that would otherwise apply to your event. You may apply online for a temporary permit.

  17. Please list any additional information to be considered regarding your filming request.
  18. Upload COI, copies of maps or additional information that may be used in consideration of your request.  These may be provided now or may be provided later, but before location agreement application will be approved.

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