When will awards be announced?

It is anticipated that awards will be announced in March.

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1. Our 990 form line 33 does not match up with the requested information on the Financial Questionnaire. If we use our current 990, it would be line 32. What should we do?
2. Can this grant opportunity be used for general operating, or is it limited to special projects?
3. We have more than one person who works on our grant applications. Can more than one person have access to our application to assist with completing the application?
4. Our organization has a Tennessee Charitable Solicitation registration and has a (sales) tax exemption letter from Tennessee and an EIN. We consider ourselves to be a nonprofit, do we qualify?
5. Our organization serves all of Rutherford County, can we still apply?
6. We provide services in Murfreesboro, but our offices are located outside of Murfreesboro, are we still eligible to apply?
7. What attachments will be required?
8. Will projects be funded for more than one year?
9. What are the reporting requirements?
10. When will awards be announced?
11. What is the maximum grant amount?