If I’m unable to pay my bill by the due date, how long do I have to pay before a late fee is applied?

If you pay online or IVR you have until Noon. If you pay on the due date in the night deposit, the fee will be added. 

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1. I want to fill my swimming pool for the summer months, but I also want to avoid an outrageous bill due to the large amount of water I would use. Are there any discounts you offer for filling pools?
2. My water bill is extremely high this month and I’ve been using the normal amount of water I always use. I’m not understanding why it is so much. Is there a reason for this?
3. I need to purchase a tap for my new business. How does this work? What do I need to bring into the office to set it up?
4. My water was disconnected when I was at work and I had no time to pay the bill once I got off before closing. I need my water to be reconnected quickly! Is there a way to get my service reconnected?
5. How long does it usually take for my service to be reconnected after paying my bill?
6. What types of identification are acceptable for me to get an extension on my water bill?
7. I need to apply for a payment extension, but the bill is in my spouse’s name. Could I still get the extension?
8. A relative/family member of mine just recently passed away and the water bill is in their name? What can I do to get it changed and/or terminated since they are no longer here?
9. I transferred my water service when I moved into my new home and now I am unable to pay my water bill online. Why is that?
10. What are some ways for me to check the quality of the water in my home without buying a water quality kit from my local convenience store?
11. Sometimes I forget that my bill is due, and I always end up paying late. Is there a way for me to set up alerts that would remind me when my bill is due?
12. A friend told me that if my bill is a certain amount, I could subtract $50 and pay the difference to avoid disconnection of my service. Is this true? If so, how does this work?
13. My sewer is stopped up! Do you offer plumbing services to unblock sewer systems? If so, what are your rates?
14. After how many days will my service be disconnected after my bill’s due date?
15. I would like to start monitoring the water usage in my home and/or business? How can I access that information?
16. Sometimes my bill due date doesn’t align with my job’s pay days and I am always forced to pay late. Is there a way to change my bill due date to fit my job’s payment schedule?
17. When paying my bill online through LINK, I am aware that my debit/credit card is charged a transaction fee. Does this fee still apply if I pay my bill at the office?
18. I was late paying my bill because I did not receive my bill in the mail in an appropriate amount of time? Why is this happening? Are there other ways to receive my bill besides by mail?
19. I was late on paying my bill and now I have an additional $40 AND a late fee added to my current amount due, how is this possible?
20. How do I sign up for new service?
21. If I’m unable to pay my bill by the due date, how long do I have to pay before a late fee is applied?