Airport History

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In the early 1940s, airport training facilities were established at Middle Tennessee State College as a training detachment for the Army Air Corps. The training program continued at Murfreesboro Airport through World War II and was then replaced by a privately owned flight training school.

Middle Tennessee University
Murfreesboro Municipal Airport was officially dedicated in 1952, at which time operations at the existing State College Airport were moved to the current location. Middle Tennessee State University continues to train professional pilots, aircraft mechanics, air traffic controllers, and airport administrators. The university maintains a fleet of over 25 aircraft and has continued to maintain a ranking of one of the top five aviation programs in the nation.

Taking Over Airport Operations
The City of Murfreesboro is the owner and operator of the Murfreesboro Municipal Airport. The City of Murfreesboro, with the advisement of the Airport Commission, took over the direct operations of the airport in 1994, hiring an airport manager and airport staff to fuel aircraft, maintain the airport, and oversee improvement projects.

Awards & Recognitions
The Murfreesboro Municipal Airport was awarded the 2002 Most Improved Airport of the Year Award. It has received a Front Door Award from the Tennessee Division of Aeronautics and Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development every year since 1995.

The Front Door Award
The Front Door Award recognizes airports that meet all of the requirements for certification, maintain safe operations, maintain the grounds in good condition, and serve as good representatives of their community and of Tennessee to businesses that travel in and out of the city’s "front door" at the airport.

Airport Manager of the Year
Chad Gehrke was named as the Airport Manager of the Year by the state of Tennessee in 2006 recognizing the many improvements that he was involved with at the airport, his ability to work with the university, tenants, and organizations such as the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA).

Thriving Businesses
With a growing number of businesses and industries from all across the country building stores, restaurants, and facilities in Murfreesboro, owners, engineers, contractors, managers, and clients are using the airport to quickly conduct meetings, check on their businesses, and fly out to their next destination. The airport allows them the ability to efficiently and effectively conduct business in Murfreesboro and several other locations across the nation in one day.