Land Disturbance Permits and Pre-Con Meetings

You must obtain a Land Disturbance Permit (LDP) for construction activity disturbing one or more acres of land. Below are the forms and documents the city uses related to construction site permitting and erosion prevention and sediment control (EPSC). These documents are helpful in applying for the LDP and inspecting and reporting. Also below is a link to the State’s construction permitting program. 

Application for Land Disturbance

Click here for the Land Disturbance Checklist and Application. A permit fee of $150 and $50 per acre disturbed ground or portion thereof is required after the preconstruction meeting. Example: for a project disturbing 5.25 acres, the fee will be $150 plus 6 multiplied by $50, for a total of $450. A preconstruction meeting is required for all land disturbing activity. After we have received all necessary items along with your application for the LDP, we will schedule a pre-con meeting. You will now be given a choice to have an in-person pre-con or a VIDEO ZOOM meeting. We will no longer allow "conference call" Zoom meetings. If you choose to have a Zoom meeting, everyone must be on video.

To request information on how to schedule a pre-con/get a land disturbance permit, please contact Shelby Oliver by email

Engineering Department Contact

Attn: Shelby Oliver
Land Disturbance
111 W. Vine St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
615-893-6441 ext 1626
Helpful Links
Browse through several helpful forms, checklists, and informative documents

The TDEC construction general permit includes upgraded requirements for construction located near impaired and exceptional waters.