Infrastructure Repair

The mowing of grass in right of ways and easements is accomplished with six tractors with rowing attachments, two front deck mowers, one slope mower and several string trimmers. Overhead vegetation is trimmed with a tractor mounted boom mower. This equipment is operated by two crew leaders, and several full and part time laborers.

Litter removal is also a large task with two full time employees and twelve to fifteen Rutherford County Inmates, the crew can pick up to two hundred bags of litter in a week.
Raymond vac truck side.JPG
All field personnel are responsible got repairs to street pavements and sidewalks. This is accomplished with the use of a backhoe, steel wheel roller, vibratory compactor, pavement cutter and dump trucks. In previous years, the annual paving contractor was responsible for this function and schedule conflicts resulted in excessive delays, causing the number of nuisance call and property damage claims to escalate. We are now able to respond in a minimal amount of time, limiting our liability to exposure and motorist complaints.

Facilities Management is responsible for all physical maintenance, repair, security, and improvements of all city buildings. Facilities Management is also responsible for the administration of service contracts for the security systems, elevators, boilers, HVAC systems, water treatments, and assists in coordination and performing intra-office moves.