Maintenance Plans & Agreements

Land development projects subject to Murfreesboro’s permanent stormwater runoff control requirements must provide the City:

  • a long-term maintenance plan for the stormwater control measures
  • an inspection and maintenance agreement signed by the owner and creditor, and notarized, with legal description of the property and a site map showing stormwater controls

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The maintenance plan and agreement - completed, executed and notarized - must be submitted before the City will issue a Land Disturbance Permit.

We advise you to submit a draft maintenance plan and agreement ahead of time (at time of preliminary plat, site plan or construction plan) so that the City can verify completeness and accuracy before you submit the signed copies.

This checklist is useful when preparing the maintenance plan and agreement.

Engineering Inspection

Once every five years, the owner/operator must have the stormwater facilities inspected by a registered (Tennessee license) professional engineer or landscape architect.

5-year SCM Inspection Checklist

For questions about the above material, contact Josh Upham at (615) 848-3200.

SCM Maintenance and Inspection Providers

This list is not a recommendation or endorsement nor is it an exclusive list of companies that offer SCM maintenance. If you would like to be added to the list of providers, email

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