Track & Field

Murfreesboro Track and Field (MTF) helps prepare athletes to compete in the Murfreesboro Track and Field Local Meet on Saturday, May 16th. The six-week program prepares participants by teaching them good eating habits, stretching and training techniques, and event selection. Contact Murfreesboro Athletics at 615-907-2251, or email.
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Track and Field events range in distance from 50m to 1600m. . Events offered will vary based on participants age. Ages range for track and field participants is 7 to 14.

Sign Ups 

Track and field sign ups will be held March 1 through March 31 on Monday through Friday at the following locations:
The cost is $25 per athlete.  Saturday sign ups will be held at Sports*Com and Patterson Park from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


  • Location - Riverdale High School
    Schedule for practices begin April 6