Track & Field

Track and Field is a great way for youth to interact with peers while developing good health and wellness practices.  This six week program will  teach your child proper warm up, cool down and running techniques.  In addition, we will cover field events and relays.  Our program is designed around the USA Track and Field Run, Jump, and Throw program.  Our goal is for your child to have fun while learning about the great sport of track and field.

Murfreesboro Track and Field (MTF) helps prepare athletes to compete in the Murfreesboro Track and Field Local Meet on Saturday, June 26.  Contact Murfreesboro Athletics at 615-907-2251, or email.
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Track and Field events range in distance from 50m to 1600m. . Events offered will vary based on participants age. Ages range for track and field participants is 7 to 14.

Sign Ups 

Track and field sign ups will be held March 1 through April 30 on Monday through Friday at the following locations:


The cost is $25 per athlete.  Saturday sign ups will be held at Sports*Com and Patterson Park from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.




  • Location - Riverdale High School
  • Schedule for practices begin May 1, 2023