Historic Zoning Commission Process

Getting Started

If your property is located in the East Main Street Historic Zone and you plan to: 

  • Build a new structure (garage, fence, etc.)
  • Add onto an existing building
  • Demolish a building or structure
  • Relocate a structure
  • Alter or Repair the exterior of a structure

You must first obtain a certificate of appropriateness (COA) from the HZC, before you applying for a building permit. 


Call the Murfreesboro Planning and Engineering Department at 615-893-6441 to determine if the HZC will review the work being proposed. If so, obtain an application for a COA and make an appointment to meet with the staff. If necessary, the staff will meet you at the site to discuss the project and advise you if your plans meet the design guidelines. These FAQs might assist in answering your questions. 

Review & Approval

When you submit the completed application along with drawings and/or materials, staff will determine if a COA can be administratively approved immediately or if the project required HZC review and approval. 

Regular meetings of the HZC are held on the third Tuesday of every month. Deadlines for submitting applications, drawings, and materials for the meetings usually are two weeks before the meeting. 

After the COA is approved by the staff or the HZC, you will take it and any other required plans to the Building and Codes Department. They will review your plans for compliance with the city’s building codes. 

Public Meeting

The Historic Zoning Commission holds a public meeting every third Tuesday of every month. The calendar that shows the deadlines and meeting dates for the Historic Zoning Commission is below:


Agenda packets for the Historic Zoning Commission can be found at the following link:


Work performed without obtaining a COA, or in conflict of an approved COA, is a violation of the city’s Zoning Ordinance and subject to a $50. Each day’s continuance of a violation is considered a separate offense. 


Appeals to decisions of the HZC staff may be made to the HZC. Appeals to the decisions of the HZC may be made to a court of competent jurisdiction as provided by law.