The Murfreesboro Police / Fire Communications Center exists to serve the community by answering emergency and non emergency requests for police and fire, coordinating response for those citizen requests, and assisting our local emergency service providers in protecting life and property 365 days a year.

Terminal Agency Coordinators

A Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC) and one Alternate Terminal Agency Coordinator (ALT- TAC) are responsible for ensuring compliance with all Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) rules and regulations regarding network access to criminal history information, as well as vehicle registration and drivers license information. These networks are accessed through our TBI terminal. They also provide information on a national level to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) files for national crime information purposes.

Training Evaluation Program

The Communications Training and Evaluation Program consist of a 26-week on-the-job training program designed to provide a hands on approach to the training of new dispatchers for the Police and Fire Departments. New dispatchers are assigned to a senior dispatcher, designated as a Communications Training Officer (CTO), the CTO provides instruction, mentoring, and evaluation for the training.

This comprehensive program includes daily evaluations, simulated training exercises, and written and oral examination throughout the training period. At the conclusion of the training program the trainee must successfully pass a final evaluation.