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Request For New Business or Residential Water Service?

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Murfreesboro residents and business owners can have water service through ONE of the TWO water utilities in Rutherford County:

Use the MWRD Service Area map to help you find the correct utility company for your address. If you cannot locate your address, please call our office at 615-848-3209 or Consolidated Utility at 615-893-7225.

A $40 non-refundable service fee will be applied to all new/transferred service requests. The fee can be paid in the office or applied to your first bill.

New Service Application

FaucetItems needed to apply for new service with MWRD:



Quick Facts

  • You must have a valid ID and social security number on file to transfer or cancel service over the phone
  • To avoid confusion, please verify that you have the correct address that you are connecting service. 
  • Transferring service to a new location - The non-refundable service initiation fee is added to the first bill at the new address.
  • Cancelling service / moving – Contact Customer Service with termination date and forwarding address for your bill.

Purchasing Water & Sewer Taps

MWRD has adopted a new procedure for multiple tap purchases. With the continuing growth of our service area, it has become difficult to process several tap requests at the time of delivery. We now process tap requests as follows:

Number of Taps Time Needed To Complete
1-5 Can be processed immediately if receipt is needed.
6-12 Will be processed the same day if received before 10 AM. After 10AM, an effort will be made to complete in the same day but may have to be completed the next business day.
12-20 If received before 10 AM, these will be completed by the end of the next business day.
21-50Will be completed by the end of the third business day after submission.
51 or MoreWill be completed by the end of the fifth business day after submission.

*For quantities of 6 or more, the receipt can be emailed, mailed, or we can contact you upon completion and the receipt can be picked up.