A sample bill has been provided to help customers better understand their bill from MWRD.  If you're wondering what the average amount of your monthly bill will be, click Sample Bill Amounts.

Paying Your Bill

Payment MethodDescriptionPlease Note:
Online LINK is our customer account access portal. Payments via LINK can be made whether you have an online account set up or not.
Fees apply for credit card and e-check payments.
PhoneUse our automated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system at 615-848-3209 to access your account via phone. (Choose Option 1)
Fees apply for credit card and e-check payments.
Bank DraftSign up for an Automatic Bank Draft from your bank account each month. Please note we need at least 30 days’ notice from the current date to set up bank draft for the following month.
You will continue to receive a copy of the bill every month, so you will know exactly what will be deducted and have time to call if you have any questions or issues. Click here to change or terminate a bank draft.
Bank Bill PayUse your bank’s bill pay feature to send us payment each month.Can take several days for the bank to process payment.
Office/Drive-ThruPay at the office using cash, check, money order or credit card.Fees apply for credit card and e-check payments.
Night Deposit BoxUse our night deposit box at our drive thru for after-hours payments. Night depository is available in the drive-thru at our office at 300 NW Broad Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37130.Check or money order only please.
MailMail your payment to Murfreesboro Water Resources, PO Box 897, Murfreesboro, TN 37133-0897.Check or money order only please.

Reading the Meter

MWRD reads every meter and bills every customer each month. In the event of an abnormally high meter reading, we will attempt to alert you. To receive monthly meter readings by email, sign-up for AMI Customer Portal.

AMI Customer Portal Account instructions - follow instructions on how to set up your account

Alerts for your account - follow instructions on how to set up alerts for your account.

Leak Adjustment

Should you experience a leak that causes your bill to be substantially higher than normal, call Customer Service at 615-848-3209 and we may be able to help you obtain an adjustment to the sewer portion of your bill.

poolPool Adjustment

You may be eligible for a pool adjustment credit when you fill your swimming pool. Please call Customer Service at 615-848-3209 before downloading and submitting this form.

Summer Sewer Credit

When your bill is printed each month April through October, if your usage exceeds the amount calculated from your winter month’s average plus 20%, you are automatically credited with a Summer Sewer Adjustment reduction to the sewer billing.

Miscellaneous Charges 
Non Payment Fee
Assessed on accounts that are approximately 25 days past due and have a balance greater than $50. This condition may also result in an interruption of service. 
Returned Payment Fee
Assessed on payments that are returned from the financial institution (e.g. insufficient funds, closed account, etc.)
After-Hours Reconnect Fee
Assessed to customers who request to be reconnected after regular business hours (8 AM- 4:30 PM, Monday thru Friday.) This fee is in addition to the $40 non-payment fee assessed above.
Late Fees
Bills are due fourteen (14) days after mailed. Balances not paid as of the due date are assessed a 10% late charge. (This fee is 10% of the past due balance excluding sales tax!)
Cut Lock Fee
Assessed when a customer cuts a lock off that has been placed by MWRD staff to prevent usage on an account that is not authorized to sue water (e.g. non-payment, no record of service).
Equipment Damage
Assessed when a customer damages MWRD equipment including, but not limited to, the meter, the setter and water/sewer service lines that are the property of MWRD. Charge will include parts and labor. Damage will be based on cost to repair.