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The Murfreesboro Fire Rescue Training Division is responsible for providing and scheduling annual and specialized training for 233 certified firefighters and 6 civilian employees to comply with the standards set forth by the Tennessee Fire Commission and Insurance Services Office (ISO).  This includes hosting numerous training classes on-site as well as facilitating travel, tuition, and accommodations for off-site training.

The Murfreesboro Fire Rescue Training Division staff consists of an assistant chief, training coordinator, and three shift captain instructors.  Certified Murfreesboro Fire Rescue personnel are required to participate in 40-hours of Tennessee Fire Commission in-service training annually.  In addition, personnel are required to participate in 200+ hours of prescribed ISO training.

The Training Division is also responsible for recruiting and promotional activities in the department.  Each year, an internal interview panel is selected from members of the department to establish a recruit firefighter eligibility list.  In cooperation with the Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS), independent panels are developed for each rank above firefighter to assess the promotional process and provide recommendations.

The Training Division provides fire, medical, rescue, hazardous material, and leadership training to meet all department, state, and federal standards. It conducts daily training to ensure that responding personnel are competent in their duties, safe in the manner of their response, and productive under difficult circumstances.

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