City Council

Murfreesboro City Council has seven members, including an elected mayor, who serve on two staggered terms of four years. Murfreesboro City elections are held in August to coincide with the general election with terms of office commencing on the following September 1. In addition to making city policy, the City Council appoints the City Manager, who is the chief administrator and executive officer of the city; the Recorder/Treasurer; the City Judge; and the City Attorney .

Mayor Shane McFarland

                 Mayor Shane McFarland

Councilmember Bill Shacklett

               Vice Mayor Bill Shacklett

Jami Averwater Nov 2022
Councilmember Madelyn Scales Harris
Austin Headshot 2022 Test Square
Councilmember Kirt Wade
Councilmember Shawn Wright

Mission Statement

The City of Murfreesboro strives to provide a safe, progressive, and healthy community for its citizens by employing dedicated individuals who work together to ensure the highest possible quality of life. Your city is committed to creating a better quality of life and making Murfreesboro a great city in which to live, work, and play.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your elected officials.


Your City Council is committed to listening to the voice of the community and providing opportunities for your voice to be heard. All members of the Murfreesboro City Council are elected at-large. That means we all represent you. We strive to be available to the citizens of Murfreesboro and welcome your questions, concerns, and comments. Your feedback will help us better represent you.


  • Responsible budgeting
  • Improve economic development
  • Expand infrastructure
  • Establish strong City brand
  • Maintain public safety


If you would like to get involved in your city government, the Murfreesboro City Council utilizes over 25 boards, committees, and commissions. Complete the questionnaire to submit your interest in serving.