Tips for Newcomers

City View Welcome to the City of Murfreesboro ... a resource for residents, too.

Murfreesboro is known for its generous quality of life and high standard of living, and we welcome those planning a move to Murfreesboro and value those who have already arrived. Especially for those looking into Murfreesboro as a permanent home, to find out more about the city and/or its neighborhoods, it is advisable to check for city policies that might affect you, including the information on many pages of this website. The city's Zoning Ordinance contains a great deal of helpful information. 

You may find out more about the Planning and Engineering Departments on their pages or by calling 615-893-6441 for more information. Access the Building and Codes Department's main web page or call 615-893-3750 for more information on what the city's codes require.  Arrangements can also be made to see any inspection records that may be on file for an existing property.  Remember that buying a home is among the more significant investments an average citizen makes, so it pays to be aware of as much as possible.

For most other inquiries, contact City Hall at 615-893-5210 or 615-849-2629 and, if we can't answer your question immediately, we'll try to send you where you can get the information you are seeking.

Again, welcome to those arriving in Murfreesboro or looking for more information on our city. We hope you will call Murfreesboro home.

What follows are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers that you may find useful as you research or settle into your new home or business. Existing residents may find these FAQ's helpful as well.