Applications, Permits & Forms


Application and Special Event Permit

Special Events held within the city limits require a Special Event Permit approved by the City Manager.

"Special Event" is defined as "Any event which occurs in whole or in part on public property or public right-of-way which affects the ordinary use of public streets, rights-of-way, sidewalks or other public infrastructure. This includes, but is not limited to, parades, fairs, carnivals, foot races, bicycle races, and block parties. Private gatherings which make no use of public property or streets other than for lawful parking are not included, unless the event constitutes a use of private property that is not usual or customary for that property and zoning district, and any of the following apply: (a) event duration of more than two consecutive days or two consecutive weekends, (b) overnight camping, (c) sale and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages, including beer, or (d) estimated daily attendance of more than 250 people." (City Code Chapter 21, Article II: Special Events)

No person shall engage in, participate in, aid, form or start any special event unless a permit has been granted by the City Manager.  Exceptions, where a special event permit is not required: (1) funeral processions; (2) wedding processions; (3) governmental agencies acting within the scope of their functions; and (4) spontaneous events occasioned by news or affairs coming into public knowledge within five days of such public assembly so long as the ability of pedestrians and motor vehicles to use public streets and sidewalks is not compromised.

The application must be received at City Hall at least thirty (30) days before the scheduled special event and must be approved by the City Manager. An earlier filing is highly encouraged to facilitate the application review process.  Completed applications may be mailed, emailed, faxed or delivered to:
Traffic Engineering Department
111 W. Vine St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
Fax: 615-849-2606

Application to Serve on a City Board or Commission
If you are interested in serving on a city board or commission, please download this form and submit it to the city.
Boards and Commissions
This is a list of citizens serving on the various boards and commissions of the City.
Questionnaire for Appointment to Board / Commission
A completed questionnaire is requested from any city of Murfreesboro resident who wishes to serve on a city board or commission. Fax the questionnaire to the Mayor's Office at 615-849-2679, or deliver to:
111 W. Vine St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37133

Civic Plaza

Form Directions
Civic Plaza Use Guidelines Regulations and rental fees Rules and rental fees to use the Civic Plaza.
Special Use Application Application to rent Civic Plaza 

Finance & Tax

Form Description
Hotel - Motel Tax Form Hotels and motels should fill out and submit this form by the 20th of the current month to reflect occupancy during the month preceding.

Building & Codes

Form Description
Fence Permit information Information on Fence Permit requirements
Fence Permit Application
Fence permit application
Affidavit of Exemption
Affidavit of Exemption from Workers Comp Insurance
Building Permit Application Residential Addition and/or Remodel permit 
Building Permit Application Residential Fence, Pool, Accessory Structure permit
Building Permit Request
Residential New Single Family Dwelling Permit
Electric Permit All other than one to two or multi-family residential electrical permit.
Electric Permit Residential One and two or multi-family residential construction electrical permit.
Final Inspection Deposit Agreement
Agreement for final inspections.
Flag Pole Permit
Get a permit for a flag pole.
Gas Permit Application
Get a gas permit.
Home Owner Certification
Certify that you are the home owner.
Land Disturbance Permit Application
Apply for a Land Disturbance Permit.
Murfreesboro Code Adoption Ordinances Learn the different ordinances to ensure you stay on code.
Mechanical Permit Application
Get a mechanical permit.
Onsite Interstate Sign Application
Plan requirements and application for plan review.
Onsite Permanent Ground Sign
Plan requirements and application for plan review.
Onsite Permanent Attached Sign Plan requirements and application for plan review.
Onsite Permanent Sign for The Avenue Plan requirements and application for plan review specific to the Avenue.
Onsite Permanent Sign for Stones River Mall Plan requirements and application for plan review specific to Stones River Mall.
Plans Review Application and Checklist Application and Requirements for plan review.


Form Description
Cable TV Complaint Form If you are a city resident and have contacted Comcast cable about a problem or question but have been unsuccessful in resolving your issue, feel free to complete the online Cable TV Complaint Form for resolution.
CityTV Programming Schedule CityTV Programming schedule lists when city council meetings and other government meetings and programs will be broadcast.
Programming Policy and Procedures for CityTV CityTV programming policy and procedures govern the program sources, priorities and scheduling for the city's government access channel.

Community Development

Form Description
Affordable Housing Assistance Brochure Get information about getting assistance on affordable housing.
Fair Housing Brochure Information regarding fair housing in the city.
Housing Rehab Family Survey Survey for a family housing rehab.
Housing Rehab Owner's Manual Owner's manual for housing rehab facility.
Housing Rehab Policies and Procedures Manual All important information about housing rehab.

Planning & Engineering

Form Description
Board of Zoning Appeals Overview The BZA Overview is a summary of the Murfreesboro Board of Zoning Appeals and the requirements for granting variances and special use permits. Its next agenda is available by clicking on BZA Agenda. For the current year's meeting dates and deadlines, click BZA Calendar.

To bring a matter to the BZA, fill out this application and submit it to Murfreesboro's Planning and Engineering Department at:
111 W. Vine St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Murfreesboro's Historic Zoning Commission meets at 3:30 p.m. every third Tuesday to review, among other things, applications for building or demolition permits within Murfreesboro historic district overlay.

See more information on the origin of the commission and its various duties by visiting their section on the website.
FAQ (Growth Policy) Public Chapter 1101 The Tennessee General Assembly enacted Public Chapter 1101 in 1998 and this pamphlet explains how this new law affects countywide growth policy, municipal boundary changes through annexation, and the incorporation of new municipalities.
Land Disturbance Permit Application
Apply for a Land Disturbance Permit.
Street Design Specifications The purpose of these design specifications is to provide adequate standards for the construction of public street and drainage infrastructure that is in the best interest of the health, safety, welfare, aesthetics, convenience, and prosperity of the community.
Subdivision Regulations These subdivision regulations are designed to encourage the development of sound, healthful, and economically stable residential, commercial, industrial, and public areas.
Zoning Map For the latest department projects and the current year's Planning Commission meeting dates and deadlines, visit the Planning Commission section.
Zoning Ordinance The Zoning Ordinance establishes classifications, regulations and restrictions for the location of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional uses.

This download includes procedures, definitions, illustrations and other requirements for zoning, variances, special use permits, annexation, and development in the city.

Police Department

Form Description
Alarm Permit
Get information regarding the different alarm permits.

Senior Center

Form Description
Senior Center Newsletter This calendar lists the classes, trips and other events for the current month at the St. Clair Senior Center.

Solid Waste

Form Description
Garbage and Yard Waste Ordinance This document provides rules for garbage refuse, yard waste, bulk items, bagging, etc.


Form Description
Sidewalk Cafe Application and License Information regarding applications and licenses dealing with sidewalk cafe's.
Transportation Improvements Projects The city's transportation director maintains a list of over 30 street projects, their status, funding, and construction schedule. This download should answer your questions about when a project will be completed. A schedule of projects soon to be let for bids is available online.

Urban Environmental

Agreement To Landscape In City Easement Stay up to standards of city code.
Crape Myrtles
Get information on Crape Myrtles.
DRC - Notice of Completion
Find out what to do when you are complete with changes.
Landscaping Certificate of Compliance
Learn about the Landscaping Certificate of Compliance.
Landscaping Ordinance
Review the landscape ordinance of the city.
Letter of Credit
View the letter of credit.
Performance Bond Learn about the Performance Bond
Site Plan Review Checklist
Be prepared for any site plan review.
Tree Management Ordinance
Read the ordinance about tree management.
Tree Work Permit
Get a Right-of-Way tree work permit.
Undesirable Plant List
List of plants that are undesirable and should be avoided.