Stormwater User Fee

The Fee

The Murfreesboro City Council passed on third reading, July 19, 2007, an ordinance to establish a stormwater user fee to be applied to all properties within the city. The rate was set by resolution.

Residential homeowners pay a fee of $3.25 per month and owners of non-single family residential properties will pay a fee based on the amount of impervious surfaces on the property (e.g., pavement, concrete, rooftop, sidewalk), at $3.25 per SFU (3,470-square-feet) per month.

Stormwater Presentation

A presentation that was given to the Murfreesboro City Council covers:
  • How the stormwater user fee was derived
  • The history of the city’s stormwater permit
  • What the monies will go towards in stormwater management activities inside the city limits of Murfreesboro.

Stormwater User Fee Credits

Non-residential properties may be able to obtain a reduction in fee. The reduction is based on whether or not storm water quality or quantity controls are in place.

For industrial facilities this includes controls imposed by the NPDES program. For schools this includes certain educational programs.