Sub-Basin Area Master Plan

The Water Resources Department (MWRD) maintains a 201 Wastewater Facilities Plan for sanitary sewer. This plan defines the overall planned sewer service area for the Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) owned and operated by the City of Murfreesboro. Some service areas (i.e., sub-basins) have been studied to a finer level of detail through a Sub-basin Area Master Plan (SAMP). 

This additional, more specific, plan allows the department to determine the optimal routing for major trunk gravity sewer mains, force main alignments and placement of regional and sub-regional pumping stations. These detailed studies use the hydraulic assumptions as provided in the 201 Wastewater Facilities Plan. 


The primary purpose of MWRD’s Sub-basin Area Master Plans (SAMP) is to define those future planned infrastructure improvements (e.g., gravity sanitary sewer extensions or regional and sub-regional pumping stations) which serve a public purpose. 

If a developer solicits an interest in a particular tract of land where a SAMP does not exist, it will be his/her responsibility to provide drawings and planning documents at a level of detail adequate to satisfy MWRD staff in the routing and sizing of the proposed improvement. The study provided by the developer must also show the entire sub-basin potentially served by the proposed improvement. 

Sub-basin Areas 

Note: Sanitary sewer pumping stations are not a guaranteed approved means of connection to the sanitary sewer system.