Annual Paving Program
Each year the department takes bids on a contract for the overlaying of older streets and streets with binder in new subdivisions. A pavement management system is maintained to assure that streets are repaved at the correct interval and the department is receiving the best return on its expenditure.

Based on the need, this contract normally ranges from $1.5 million to $1.8 million each year. The work can be performed between April and October. This contract is administered by our senior public works inspector and one part time inspector.

Pavement Repairs
All field personnel are responsible for repairs to street pavements and this is accomplished with the use of a backhoe, steel wheel roller, vibratory compactor, pavement cutter and dump trucks.

In previous years, the annual paving contractor was responsible for this duty and scheduling conflicts resulted in excessive delays, causing the number of nuisance calls and property damage claims to escalate. We are now able to respond in a minimal amount of time, which limits its liability exposure and reduces motorist complaints.