Tennis and Pickleball Commission


Adams Tennis Complex
925 Golf Lane
Murfreesboro TN 37129


As established by Ordinance 23-0-10, the purpose of the Tennis Commission is to serve as an advisory body to City Council, City Manager and other City staff with respect to the management, operation, and maintenance of, as well as the programming and events conducted at, the Adams Tennis Complex.


The Commission shall consist of seven voting members to be appointed by the mayor with approval of the City Council. Two ex- officio members, one member of City Council and one Parks and Recreation Commission. The chair shall be selected by the mayor and approved by City Council from among the Commission’s voting members. The members are appointed for three-year terms.

Members                       Term Expires

  • Dee Jernigan, Chair       March 2, 2026
  • Rick LaLance                 March 2, 2026
  • Newton Molloy              March 2, 2026
  • Chris Massaro                March 2, 2026
  • Mary Elam Polk             March 2, 2026
  • Robert White                March 2, 2026
  • Gloria Bonner                Ex-officio
  • Shawn Wright               Council