Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch Program is a community-based program that unites law enforcement agencies, local organizations, and individual citizens in a community-wide effort to reduce residential burglary. Members learn how to make their homes more secure, watch out for each other, the neighborhood, and report activities that raise their suspicions to the police.
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Forming a Neighborhood Watch Group

You can form a Neighborhood Watch group around any geographical unit such as a block, apartment building, park, business area, housing complex or office.

Periodic meetings of your Neighborhood Watch group should be used to develop programs to heighten awareness of, and proper response to, suspected or actual criminal activity. Speakers from law enforcement, as well as from a wide range of community organizations can address many topics of interest to your group.

For more information on how to start a Neighborhood Watch Program, contact Sgt. Mike Turner at 629-201-5566.