School Safety & Education

Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program (DARE)

The Police Department began the DARE Program in Murfreesboro City Schools during the 1992 fiscal school year. Presently, the DARE curriculum is taught in 12 City schools and two private schools. The staff teaches the 10 week curriculum to fifth grade students.

Gang Resistance Education & Training (GREAT)

After receiving a federal grant to address gang recruitment and activity, the MPD began teaching Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) to fourth grade students at four of the city schools. The GREAT program has been expanded to all City schools and one private school. The GREAT curriculum consists of six lessons designed to educate students on decision making skills and how to contribute to making a safe community.

Additional Officer Duties

The Murfreesboro City Schools system also uses School Safety and Education Officers, in addition to their regular instructing duties, to assist with school counseling, alternate solutions for disciplinary problems, security at individual schools, career days, reading, award days, fall festivals, and other miscellaneous city school activities.

The SSEO's primary responsibility is teaching the DARE or GREAT curriculum, however they coordinate the majority of safety and/or educational activities that involve children and the Murfreesboro Police Department. The SSEO's work together on several public relations programs and projects throughout the year.

Questions or comments regarding the DARE Program should be directed to Sergeant Greg Walker at 615-895-3874.