Procedures for Soliciting Public Comment

Procedures for Soliciting Public Comment

Updated 1.12.2021


Although the City of Murfreesboro does not current meet the fleet size and service area threshold for Service and Fare Equity Guidance, it is important for the Community to have a voice in service changes such as fare increases and service reductions.  Therefore, the City’s policy is as follows:


When a change is proposed to Rover Service, regardless of the size or magnitude the public shall be given the opportunity to comment in public meeting format and/or via written comment submission meeting the standards listed below:


  1. The information and meeting must be made available and held a minimum of 21 days prior to the implementation of changes.
  2. Posted on website and newspaper using the format on the attached POP Public Notice Policy.
  3. Knowledgeable staff must be present and available for questions and concerns.
  4. Maps, diagrams, written descriptions must be available.
  5. Sign-in sheets and comment cards must be available.


If comments are submitted, they will be discussed internally with a response provided to the submitter.  If the comments result in a change to the proposed service changes, it will be published, and another 21 days must pass before implementation.  


Exceptions to these rules would be natural disasters, national emergencies, and other events beyond the City’s control that require immediate action.

For a printable copy of the Procedures for Soliciting Public Comment click here.