H2O Distance Learning Pod

Project WET LogoStones River Watershed Association logo2The H2O Distance Learning Pod is a collaborative effort by the Murfreesboro Water Resources Department’s Community Affairs (MWRDCA), Rutherford County Stormwater Project WET (Project WET), and the Stones River Watershed Association (SRWA) as a derivative learning tool for Waterfest 2020: an outdoor, all-inclusive learning event for students to explore and engage in everything WATER from water quality, stormwater, aquatic life, water pollution, water safety, and so much more.

Waterfest gains a collaborative funding from all of the stormwater managers within Rutherford County. The event usually hosts around 60 classrooms from County, City, and local private schools, with over 40 booths on water education and awareness, but due to COVID-19 Waterfest 2020 was cancelled, leaving educators and students searching for an outlet. An online resolution was birthed at the great will of Project WET Coordinator, Bonnie Irvin, wH2O Distance Learning Pod Full Logo (Transparent)ith help from local teachers and experts in the water industry as they developed a plan to create a virtual Waterfest experience! Although live demonstrations were postponed, this group of individuals compiled a multimedia experience for students to enjoy and learn about all things water from the comfort and safety of their homes. However, the virtual Waterfest needed an all-access landing page and MWRDCA was proud to share space on their site for a new H2O Distance Learning Pod!

Each lesson in the H2O Distance Learning Pod is a fun and enlightening learning tool that will both engage students and meet curriculum standards for teachers. There is so much to learn about water as it plays an important part in every corner of our lives from health and hyenine to recreation and nature. We hope that students, parents, and teachers find great pleasure in this new, contact-less method of engagement and learning with water! 


  1. Agriculture
  2. Careers
  3. Geology
  4. Karsts & Groundwater
  5. Nature
  6. Storm Water
  7. Streams
  8. Water Safety
  9. Water Testing
  10. Wildlife

TN Agriculture Opens in new windowTennessee's AG Literacy Week focuses on connecting volunteers from the agricultural community to local classrooms for the purpose of increasing student knowledge about agriculture.  It is an opportunity for Tennessee agriculturalists (farmers, ranchers, industry representatives, youth agriculture organizations, and others supportive of agriculture) to be the face of agriculture in classrooms across the state.

Tennessee Agriculture industry leaders have established the week before Thanksgiving as Tennessee Ag Literacy Week.

We strongly believe the future success of agriculture depends upon developing an AG literate society- with individuals who understand and can communicate the source and value of agriculture as it affects our quality of life. With the majority of children today 5 to 6 generations removed from living and working on farms, we must provide a connection to the farm for the next generation.  It is crucial that children and adults recognize and appreciate the vital role agriculture plays in our way of life; and agriculture most certainly could not thrive without water.

This year, we're taking AG Literary virtual! Click here to explore Ag Literacy Week and all of the fun activities, videos, and lessons that are sure to have you EXCITED about Agriculture!

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