Breezeway Restorative Trail

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The Breezeway Restorative Trail is a refreshing respite providing visitors a public space to interact with nature and the distinct creative culture of our community. We hope to inspire both playfulness and introspection as architectural elements, expressive sculpture, botanical effects and interactive opportunities are introduced through ongoing installations. The Breezeway also serves as a channel connecting the surrounding medical community, staff, patient and patent visitors alike to a place of refuge. We hope you find this place to be a vibrant expression of the unique and caring character of our community.

Adjacent to the General Bragg Trailhead, the College Street Trailhead at 1902 West College Street provides connection, parking, and access to the Breezeway Restorative Trail and Gateway Island. For large groups, additional parking is available at the General Bragg Trailhead,1540 West College Street.

Art InstallationsBoundless Sculpture located on Gateway Island


Formally the "Gateway Island Sculpture"

Interlocking infinite rings reading: 

"Imagine," "Home," :Progress," "Unite," "Community," and "Hope," suggest a flourishing, inviting and expanding vision for this reclaimed space of Murfreesboro, TN, and addresses the express desires for its residents and guests.

Yellow Iris Weaving

Meant as a backdrop for the Native Iris Garden, it is a beautiful and artistic statement that stands alone and welcomes guests to sit down and enjoy the view.

Weaving Station

An accompaniment to the Iris Weaving, this installation provides a space for local artists to participate in a short term installation.  Loominations: History and Call to Artists


Breezeway Loomination: Habitat Stitchery Story

Have you thought much about Habitat Stewardship? What does it looks like to be an active part in helping to sustain the natural environment we enjoy along the Greenway and Parks system? A good way to start is through awareness, and that brings us to October’s Breezeway Loomination: Habitat Stitchery Story.

“Habitat Stitchery Story”, is a collaborative art installation on the Breezeway Loom. Local textile and embroidery artists worked together to create depictions of the flora and fauna that are native to central Tennessee. 

Stop by the latest Breezeway Loomination: Habitat Stitchery Story, and enjoy this collaborative project featuring 12 original stitchery designs, while learning how we can become good stewards of the beauty that surrounds us. Art and Nature in Harmony. 


Better Boro Jen and Cultural Arts Lisa in front of Yellow Iris Weaving on Breezeway Restorative Trai
Fabric Art Installation on Breezeway Loom

Breezeway Loominations - Stitchery Stories

Loom 1
Painting by Lisa Browning located on Breezeway Weaving Station
Stitchery Story title embroidery project for Breezeway Loom
 Phyllis Moody holding Wood Ducks stitchery project
Carol Berning  Pipevine Swallowtail on Pipevine stitchery piece
Amy Campbell holding embroidery piece of 5 lined Skink she created
Post Oak embroidery piece created by Margaret Norville
close up of embroidery pieces Post Oak and American Goldfinch
Embroidery artists Stacey Brown - TN Coneflower & Suzanne LeBeau -Passion Flower and Gulf Fritillary
close up of embroidery piece created by Amy Acla - Red Eared Slider Turtle
Sherry Lorey - Eastern Meadowlark
Margaret Norville working on  Post Oak embroidery piece
embroidery piece created by Jenny King - Monarch-Butterfly Milkweed
embroidery pieces artist: Phyllis Moody -Wood Ducks &  Kendyl Mathews - Southern Flying Squirrel

Architectural and Functional

Little Libraries

There are three Little Libraries located along the Breezeway Restorative Trail. Books are available to check out on the honor system. Titles are available for all ages and reading levels. 

What started as an idea for John Summar’s Eagle Scout project turned into a collaboration between Summar, Murfreesboro Cultural Arts, The Better Boro, Read to Succeed, Andrea Loughry and the Rutherford Arts Alliance (RAA), and writing students from Central Magnet.

Summar, a Siegal High senior, is a Boy Scout in Troop 398, housed at St. Marks United Methodist Church. Summar designed and built the Little Libraries then turned them over to young artists to paint. 

Sarah Oppmann created the Youth Advisory Committee of RAA as part of her Senior Capstone and Girl Scout Gold Award. She said she created the Youth Advisor Committee, “so that the younger people would have a voice about what they believe needs to be done to help the arts in our community.” Oppmann, a 2019 graduate of Blackman High School is one of the artists selected to paint a Little Library. Central Magnet Junior, Mira Patel and Central Magnet Senior Chase Loughry painted the other two libraries.

RAA’s Andrea Loughry worked with the Youth Advisory Committee to design sketches for the Library designs. Oppmann’s design was selected to hold poetry books. The poem, Rain, written by Central Magnet student Chelsea Butner, as a part of a class project, was selected to appear on the side of the Little Library. The poetry project became the collaborative book, Just Poems. You can download the book for free on Kindle or purchase a hard copy at

Eagle Scout poses with Little book lending Libraries he built for Eagle Project for MPRD
Back of Little library featuring the poem, "Rain," written by student in photo
Front of Little Library painted by Murfreesboro student
Local Eagle Scout poses with finished Little Libraries with father and brother prior to installation
4 local students pose with Little book lending library. 1 student built the library. The other 3 pai
Back of Little Library painted by local student
student posing with little book lending library she painted
Little Library located on the Breezeway Restorative Trail built & painted by local students