Guidelines for Citizen Participation

Public Hearings

Order of events during a public hearing:

  • The chairman will call the meeting to order
  • Each item on the agenda listed for public hearings will be considered separately
  • The chair will introduce each item and the planning staff will provide a description of the matter to be considered
  • The chair will declare the public hearing open and any interested party will be permitted to speak
  • After all interested parties have had an opportunity to speak, the chair will declare the public hearing closed and no further comments will be accepted from the public
  • The planning commission will deliberate upon the matter and formulate a recommendation for the city council
  • Matters that are recommended for approval will be forwarded to the city council, which at a future date will conduct another advertised public hearing and will consider an ordinance
  • Matters that are recommended for disapproval will not be forwarded to the city council unless the applicant so requests in writing
  • Matters that are deferred will be included on the next commission agenda

Citizen Participation

If you would like to address the planning commission or city council during a public hearing, please help us by:

  • Speaking only after you have approached the microphone at the podium
  • Clearly stating your name and address and identifying any party or group you represent at the beginning of your remarks
  • Speaking only once, unless you have asked a question and the answer has interrupted your discussion
  • Speaking only for three minutes unless you represent a group; if you represent a group, you may speak for five minutes. You should identify the group and ask members present to raise their hand
  • When possible, avoid repeating in detail the same comments already made by other speakers
  • Leaving any exhibits, photographs, petitions, handouts, etc. with the planning department to include in the file
  • Leaving the meeting room quietly after the matter in which you are interested has been concluded

For more information regarding the Planning Commission, please call the Planning Department at 615-893-6441.