Sign Permits

Sign Administration 

The Building and Codes Department regulates all aspects of signage including attached, ground, temporary and off site signs. Permits are required for all permanent signage including banners in the Central Business District, inflatable signs and demolition of existing signage. Prior to issuance of a sign permit the appropriate application along with detailed sign drawings must be submitted to the Sign Administrator. New ground signs will require an engineered site plan that shows the location of the sign and all easements and property lines. Once the application and drawings are approved for permit, the applicant will be notified. If a sign is illuminated, an electrical permit must be obtained prior to issuance of the sign permit.

Permanent or temporary signs can not be placed in city Right Of Way. Signs that are found to be in the Right Of Way can be confiscated by the department. Confiscated signs may be returned after a fee is paid. We will keep the sign no more than 10 days and then we will dispose of it. The ROW can be located on the City's GIS Mapping system.

City of Murfreesboro Sign Ordinance
Approved Temporary Sign Ordinance effective January 22, 2016

If you have questions concerning the Sign Ordinance or the process to obtain a permit, please contact our sign administrator, Teresa Stevens via email or phone 615-893-3750.

Sign Applications

Attached Sign Application 

Ground or Freestanding Wall Sign Application 

Flag Sign Permit Application

On Site Interstate Application 

Off Site Permanent Sign Application 

Avenue On Site Permanent Sign Application 

Stones River Mall On Site Permanent Sign Application 

Sign Variance Application

Certification Of Sign Placement

Freestanding Wall and Ground Signs

Interstate Onsite Permanent Signs

Off-Site Permanent Signs

Temporary Sign Chart

Regulations For Window Signs / Window Outline Lighting

Traffic Signs, Road Signs or Other Publicly-Owned Signs

Please refer to the City's Transportation Department, Sign Division for regulations or to report missing or damaged traffic signs.