Financial Assistance



This policy is designed to provide financial assistance to any City Resident who cannot afford to pay for designated recreational activities involving a fee through the City of Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Department. This does not include pavilion, facility rentals, or (specified) programs. 

The following guidelines will be used to determine eligibility:

A.    Applicant must be a permanent Murfreesboro City Resident.

B.    Applicants must provide proof of eligibility. For children attending county schools, they can provide proof that their child is receiving free or reduced lunches. Adult applicants and children attending city schools will need to supply a copy of their most recent tax return or food assistance letter. No other forms will be accepted. The Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Department, upon request, will provide a copy of their Guide for Fee Reduction.

C.     Applicant must have filled out the proper form required by the Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Department, be approved and accepted before becoming eligible.

D.    Participants must have identification upon request for verification.

E.    This Financial Assistance Program is a privilege offered by the MPRD. All individuals receiving financial assistance through this program shall follow all rules and regulations of the MPRD, Murfreesboro City Code and Tennessee state statutes. If any individual violates such rules, regulations, Code and/or statute, the City reserves the right to suspend such individual’s financial assistance pursuant to the MPRD Disciplinary Policy.

F.    Please allow 30 days for normal processing.  If additional information is needed for verification, the process may exceed 30 days.

Procedure for Requesting Assistance:

A.    Applicant must apply for assistance through the Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Department. Applications will be available at the Parks and Recreation office at 697 Veterans Parkway and the Superintendent’s office at Patterson Park Community Center and Sports*Com. (this information will be used by the City only for the purpose of verification of eligibility. It would, however, legally be a part of the public record and could be requested by others under existing state law).

B.    Applicants will be certified on an annual basis.  Recertification date is September 1 of each year.

C.    Applicants needing assistance to participate in recreational activities that require daily admission fee will be issued passes on an annual basis.

D.    Children (ages 15 and under) who meet eligibility requirements will be granted either free admission to designated activities or a 50% discount, depending on where their income is on the Guide for Fee Reduction.

E.    Children (ages 16 and 17) and adults (18 and over) who meet the financial assistance eligibility requirements will be given a 50% discount to designated activities.

Filling Out the Form - Choose One option

A.   Paper Application: Please fill in all spaces on the form that are applicable.  Once completed, return the form to the MPRD Administrative Office at 697 Veterans Parkway, Patterson Park Community Center or Sports*Com.

B.    Online Application: Please fill in all spaces on the form that are applicable. 

Method of Informing the Public

A.    All recreational brochures will have a section that states: “Anyone needing financial assistance to participate in a designated activity may contact the Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Department, 697 Veterans Parkway, Murfreesboro, TN 37128 or call 615-890-5333.”

B.    All advertisements placed in the local newspaper will carry the same statement as above.

C.    A notice will be posted at each facility using the same statement as above.