ADA Transition Plan

Information on The City of Murfreesboro's Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Plan.

Applications, Permits & Forms

Browse through the available city forms. 

Art Display on City Property Policy

Budget and Financial Audits

Review annual budget message from the City Manager.

City Code & Charter

Current legislation adopted by The City of Murfreesboro.

Form Center

Browse through the available city forms. 

Land Use Studies & Master Plans

Long-range planning studies and master plans.

Open Financial Portal

The City is committed to providing a transparent view of our financial data. Our Open Finance Portal provides a transparent look at the types of revenues we collect and how those public funds are spent.

Public Records

Information on how to requests for inspection or duplication of city public records.

Social Media Guidelines

Information on where to locate the City social media resources and also the policy on the use of social media by the City.

Special Event Permit

Any person or organization desiring to conduct a special event (parade, fair, foot race, bicycle race, or other activity) affecting the ordinary use of City streets, right-of-ways, sidewalks, or other infrastructure must apply for a permit authorizing the activity.

Zoning Ordinance: Appendix A

Zoning Ordinance aka Appendix A