Water And Health

With its many uses for drinking, recreation, sanitation, hygiene, and industry, water is our most precious global resource. Clean and safe drinking water is critical to sustain human life and without it waterborne illness can be a serious problem. Water, which is necessary for recreational water activities like swimming, also helps promote healthy living. Often, water’s vital role is most apparent during an emergency or disaster.

COVID-19 And Water Health

Prevent The Spread Of COVID-19| Five Things To Know About Properly Washing Your Hands

Washing your hands is one of the best ways to help stop the spread of #COVID19. U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams explains the five key steps you should take to ensure you are washing your hands properly. 

COVID-19 Prevention Messages for Front Line Long-Term Care Staff

Learn what personal protective equipment (PPE) should be used in Long-Term Care facilities and Nursing Homes, when, and how to use it correctly to help protect yourself and residents from COVID-19.

Dental Health

How To Teach Your Child To Brush Their Teeth?

Parents teach their children many things, brushing their teeth is one of the first lessons taught. Hear about the American Dental Association recommends for when and how long adults and children brush their teeth.