Focus on the Boro 2020

Focus on the Boro is the annual Rutherford County, TN community photo show and contest. The purpose of this photography event is to inspire the community to get out and take pictures, experience a fun and friendly competition, and have the opportunity to exhibit and enjoy photography.

The competition is open to photographers of all ages, styles, and experience levels who live in Rutherford County. Each photographer may submit up to 3 images. The categories include people, landscape, still life, animals, flora, architecture, sports/action, abstract/special effects, and Murfreesboro, and there are separate awards for youth (17 and younger) and adults. 

The Focus judges panel consists of local professional photographers and previous Focus on the Boro winners.

Focus on the Boro 2020 Awards

Best in Show

This Could Leave a Mark, Gale Stoner

This Could Leave a Mark Best in Show

Best in Show Runner Up

Orient on a Leather Strap, 

Mike Barbieri

Orient on a Leather Strap Best in Show Runner Up

Community Choice

Summer Colors, Gladys Tackett

Summer Colors by Gladys Tackett Community Choice

Youth Best in Show

The Cat, Keegan Dietz

Animals, The Cat by Keegan Dietz Youth Best in Show

Youth Runner Up Best in Show

Stand Your Ground, Brandon Davila

Sports Action, Stand Your Ground by Brandon Davila 1st


Community Choice

Dreaming by the Stream, Ella Newberg

Dreaming by the stream by Ella Newberg HM

First Place Photographs

2nd Place, 3rd Place and Honorable Mention Photographs

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Youth First Place Photographs

Youth 2nd Place, 3rd Place and Honorable Mention Photographs

Still Life, i am beautiful without a vase by Aowyn Hicks 2nd Place
Sports Action, Dont Play with Fire Kids by Aowyn Hicks 3rd Place
Home Sweet Home Ella 2nd Place Architecture
Splashing Water  Elise 2nd Place Sports Action
Still Life, Footprint by T. Steven HM
People, Young Ballerina by Elise Ponder HM
People, Pencil Shaving Blow Show by Madison Wildish 3rd Place
Flora, Babys Breath by Michael Giglio HM
Sports Action, Emergence by Brandon Davila HM
Still Live, Capsule Real Hair by Arabella Brown 3rd Place