If you have a question about what your property is zoned, please visit our Public GIS Map, type in your address, and check the zoning layer box in the layer list. If you are interested in rezoning your property, please call our office at 615-893-6441 and speak to a planner.


The Planning Department approves building permits for swimming pools, fences, detached structures, additions, decks, pergolas, covered patios and more. The Planning Department uses the Zoning Ordinance to provide the required setbacks and uses allowed for each property.

Board of Zoning Appeals 

The Murfreesboro Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) is a five-member body appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. Members of the BZA and their terms are listed on the boards and commissions list. The board hears requests for variances from the zoning and sign ordinance, requests for special use permits set forth in the zoning ordinance, and hears appeals from administrative decisions.

Historic Zoning Commission

The Murfreesboro Historic Zoning Commission (HZC) is the architectural review board that reviews applications for work on properties within the East Main Street Historic Zone. Its nine members, appointed by the mayor, include representatives from the historic zone, although not required, a member from the Planning Commission, a representative of a local patriotic or historic organization, an architect, if available, and the remaining members from the community in general.