Information Technology

The City of Murfreesboro Municipal Information Technology Department (COMMIT) is responsible for acquisition, installation, maintenance, training and planning for the City’s technology needs.  This includes hardware, software, mobile technology, geographic information systems and other computers and devices. COMMIT is a centralized department that technically supports all departments and services managed by the City of Murfreesboro.

COMMIT provides, maintains and supports the City's Geographic Information System (GIS). The GIS system is made up of layers of data, aerial photographs and databases. This data is combined to create digital maps. This information is used to support several important functions and city services such as the creation of digital and printed maps to examine the past and future planning of Murfreesboro, viewing and data collection of natural and man-made disasters, assistance with business negotiations, and to track and manage city development.

COMMIT constantly strives to meet and exceed the technical needs of the City of Murfreesboro. COMMIT will continue to be at the center of shaping IT strategy and policy for the City of Murfreesboro.


The mission of the our IT department is to provide responsive and dependable delivery of Information Technology services to the City of Murfreesboro and its citizens to support fiscally sound and effective government.



  • Effectively manage the delivery of City-wide technology services
  • Guide technology decision-making to ensure consistency with the City-wide business direction
  • Ensure a skilled, responsive and innovative workforce that keeps current with evolving business-critical technologies
  • Provide high quality customer service