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Perform Murfreesboro Mission: 

Perform Murfreesboro commits to being a positive influence in the education of Theatrical Arts by providing professional quality theatre programming for children. 

Perform Murfreesboro Believes: 

Theatre Education helps children gain confidence in themselves in the areas of public speaking, music appreciation, dance, creative thinking, problem solving, team and leadership skills, and more. Our practice is to put more emphasis on the process rather than the final product. We believe that by focusing on a quality process, we naturally produce a quality production that will provide entertainment for the community.

Announcing the 2021-22 Season!

Pirates Past Noon, KIDS logo
Annie Jr Logo

Pirates Past Noon, KIDS

Auditions: July 19 & 21
Ages: 6-12
Performances: September 9-12

Audition Packet

Annie, Jr.

Tickets go on sale November 1
Performances, 7 p.m.:
   Thursday, November 18
   Friday, November 19
   Saturday, November 20
Matinee: 2 p.m.:
   Sunday, November 21

Audition Form
Audition Packet

Junie B Jones logo
Matilda Jr logo

Junie B. Jones, Jr.

Auditions January 4 & 5
Ages 10-18
Performances March 3-6 and March 10-13

Matilda, Jr.

Auditions: March 7 & 9
Ages: 10-18
Performances: 7 p.m.:
   Thursday, May 12
   Friday, May 13
   Saturday, May 14
Matinee: 2 p.m.:
   Sunday, May 15
Reserve Tickets

Audition Packet
Audition Music

Technical Theatre 101: June B. Jones Jr.

Ages 13 - 18
Class is held Mondays and Thursdays beginning January 24, 2022 and ending March 13, 2022
Time: 4:30 - 5:30 p.m.
Location: The Washington Theatre
Limited to 6 participants
Description: A theatre technology class with hands on application of behind the scenes aspects of theatre operation such as sound, props, lighting, and set design. The class will conclude with the students as an integral part of the performance of Junie B. Jones, Jr.

To register, contact Olivia Craker at 615-893-7439, ext. 6130

Broadcasting 101 Class Auditions

Perform Murfreesboro is partnering with City TV to produce a 30-minute youth program to be shown on tv.  Six youth were selected for the pilot program. Broadcast 101 participants interviewed people of interest across the Boro to produce their segments.

It's time to audition for the next season of Broadcast 101. This 8-week program is split into two segments. The first six weeks consist of classes on journalism, camera edict, interviewing skills, camera engagement etc., under the guidance of seasoned City TV reporter Michael Linn White. The next 2-weeks will consist of live interviews conducted by the participants with representatives from places of interest throughout the city. We will compile all the youth-led interviews to create a show to be aired on City TV.

Auditions: August 9 & 11
Classes start August 18, 2021
Broadcasting 101 Audition Packet
Age: 12-18
Broadcast 101 Spring 2021
Segment I
Segment II

Zoey and Megan Show logo

Watch an episode of the Zoey & Megan Show.

Frightensburg logo

Be a part of Frightensburgh at Cannonsburgh Village. Participants will Learn how to create their own unique character.  Classes for youths and adults, and a chance to scare in a live fright event.  Space is limited so sign up today.

There are classes available for both youth and adults.

Frightensburgh Class Information

Youth Programming

32nd Season

Frozen, Jr.

A large group of youth sitting on a stage in their costumes from the musical Frozen, Jr.

Frozen Jr., Photos

Youth in the cast of frozen dressed in costume. Female dancers, snowman and a reindeer.
Youth on a stage dressed in costumes for Perform Murfreesboro production of Frozen. Jr.
Youth on a stage dressed in costumes for Perform Murfreesboro production of Frozen. Jr.
Youth on a stage dressed in costumes for Perform Murfreesboro production of Frozen. Jr.
Youth on a stage dressed in costumes for Perform Murfreesboro production of Frozen. Jr.
Youth on a stage dressed in costumes for Perform Murfreesboro production of Frozen. Jr.

31st Season

Little Mermaid, Jr.
Cast Photo

Little Mermaid, Jr.  Photos

Little Mermaid, Jr.
Kitchen Staff
Ariel, Flotsum & Jetsum
Little Mermaid, Jr.
Ariel and Eric
Tritan & Ariel

Behind the Scenes

The view from the audience is great. It's fun to take a look behind the scenes too.

Girls putting away props after Little Mermaid Jr.
Lil Mermaid Jr Susan removing Chef's mustache after the show
Men running lights and sound for Little Mermaid Jr.
Mersisters getting ready for the show
Girls getting ready for Perform Murfreesboro production of Little Mermaid Jr.
Actors Scuttle & King Triton back stage ready for the show to start

A view from the Wings

Wings: Areas that are part of a stage deck but out of sight of the audience.

Lil Mermaid Wings
Lil Mermaid  Jr. Pre show bonding
Girls in Little Mermaid Jr. cast back stage


:to dismantle and take away

Strike the set.

Lil Mermaid Jr. students clean up the stage "strike," after the show
Perform Murfreesboro students cleaning up the stage after Little Mermaid Jr.
Music Man
Music Man Cast Photo

Music Man Photos

Music Man
Zenita & Tommy
Music Man Paroo Family and Amaryllis
Music Man Harold and Townfolk
Music Man
Music Man Logo
Music Man Mayor, wife, Marion
Music Man
Music Man Cast Photo
Music Man
Music Man opening
Music Man School Board
Music Man

Previous Shows

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins Cast Photo
Beauty and the Beast, Jr.
Beauty and the Beast Cast Photo
Winnie the Pooh, Kids
Winnie the Pooh Cast Photo
Aladdin Jr.
Aladdin Cast Photo