In-Person Public Hearing Instructions

If you would like to address the City Council or any City board or commission during an in-person public hearing, please help us by:

  • Speaking only after you have approached the microphone at the podium, clearly stating your name and address, and identifying any party or group you represent at the beginning of your remarks.
  • Speaking only once, unless you have asked a question and the answer has interrupted your discussion.
  • Speaking only for three minutes, unless you represent a group; if you represent a  group, you may speak for five minutes. You should identify the group and ask members present to raise their hand.
  • When possible, avoid repeating in detail the same comments already made by other speakers.
  • Leaving any exhibits, photographs, petitions, handouts, etc. with the planning department to include in the file.
  • Leaving the meeting room quietly after the matter in which you are interested has been concluded.