Account Access

Link Online Access

Use LINK to:

  • Pay your bill
  • Sign up for e-bill
  • View consumption history
  • View bill history
  • Request a move

LINK Registration and User’s Guide - follow these instructions to set up your account.

Online Payment Opens in new window

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Customer Portal

Use AMI Customer Portal to:

  • Sign up for alerts
  • Monthly goals
  • Continuous usage
  • Monitor daily water consumption

AMI Customer Portal Account instructions - follow instructions on how to set up your account

Alerts for your account - follow instructions on how to set up alerts for your account.

AMI Portal Banner 2 Opens in new window

Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR)

Customers can access their account using the telephone. Call 615-848-3209, Option #1 to access our IVR system.

  • Pay your bill
  • Check your balance
  • Review the last five bill amounts
  • Review your last five payments