Housing Rehabilitation Program

Home is more than a house. Home is where you are making memories for a lifetime. It is also an asset, an asset whose value you want to protect. The City of Murfreesboro is committed to creating a better quality of life for its residents and that includes helping them maintain safe and decent homes. Working through the Community Development Department, the city wants to help you protect what is probably your most valuable tangible asset: your home.

As a house ages, it can develop aches and pains, which, if allowed to continue untreated, may cause it to become unsafe. If you qualify, the Housing Rehabilitation Program may be able to help you bring your home back into a safe, sanitary, and decent condition.

The Community Development Department operates four programs under the umbrella of the Housing Rehabilitation Program. Participants in these programs must be income eligible.

Helpful Information

If you have questions or want more information about the Housing Rehabilitation Program, call the Murfreesboro Community Development Department at 615-890-4660, or stop by the office in the McFadden Community Center. You can find a handy brochure on the program here.