Water Resource Recovery Facility Tours

The Murfreesboro Water Resource Recovery Facility (MWRRF) is always open for tours! Whether you’re a high school or college class, a local industry, or an interested citizen, anyone that would like to know more about what happens here at MWRRF is welcome to call 615-848-3225 or email us to schedule a tour.

Facts About Our Facility

  • Employs biological "living" processes
  • Contains 175 tons of microorganisms (biomass)
  • Produces 50 tons/day of stable, nutrient-rich biosolids suitable for use as a dynamic fertilizer or soil supplement
  • Generates "life-giving" carbon dioxide & nitrogen gas as its predominant byproducts
  • Produces 16 millions gallons/day of "crystal clear" repurified water, of which 20% is reused for irrigation of local farmland, our City golf course, and other City-owned landscapes
  • Introduces 13 gallons/day of high quality water to the West Fork of the Stones River which enhances its beneficial uses for fish and wildlife habitat, recreation, and as a source for drinking water
  • Continually recycles biomass within the process

Our Past Tours!

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