Industrial Pretreatment Program

To protect the Murfreesboro Water Resource Recovery Facility (MWRRF) on Blanton Drive from high strength discharges from Industries and Commercial establishments, the City of Murfreesboro has developed and implemented an Industrial Pretreatment Program.

The program requires Industrial Customers to apply for a permit before being able to discharge to the sanitary sewer. The permit sets limits on concentrations of certain contaminate, and allows for monitoring and enforcement of violations to the discharge permit.

Dental Offices are considered industrial users and are required to complete an One-Time Compliance report before opening a new office.

Emptying Food Truck Waste

Along with monitoring industrial users the pretreatment program also regulates hauled waste. All septic haulers are required to apply for a permit before being allowed to use the facility for disposal.

Campers, RVs and food trucks are welcome to dispose of their wastewater free of charge.

Food trucks however must receive permission before being allowed and must only dispose of wastewater. We will not accept grease or cooking oil. These types of discharges are regulated through the FOG program.