Filling a Swimming Pool

Two ways to fill your swimming pool:

  • Swimming Pooluse your garden hose
  • rent a fire hydrant meter from the City - cost is $40 which is nonrefundable.

Garden Hose
Although this method is slower than using a fire hydrant, there is little difference in the cost. The City will provide a pool fill adjustment on your bill.

Fire Hydrant
This method is faster; however, the fire hydrant hose must be able to reach the pool without crossing a road. The customer will be billed a $40 service fee in addition to the amount of water used. This charge will be billed separately; it will not be included on your monthly bill.

The delivery and pickup of the meter and hose must be within normal business hours Monday - Friday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. If outside of these hours, the service fee increases from $40 to $55. The meter and hose may not be kept overnight. To request a fire hydrant meter and hose, call Operations & Maintenance at 615-893-1223.