Flushable Wipes

Never Flush Down Toilets

Flushable wipesPlease take note of a relatively new problem that has been encountered in the wastewater collection and treatment systems – the disposable or “flushable” wipe.

Disposable wipes (e.g. baby wipes, flushable wipes, shop towels, etc.) are particularly problematic for wastewater collection and treatment systems because of the manner in which they are constructed. Disposable wipes are fibered, which makes them very strong, even when wet. Unfortunately, it also makes them non-degradable, which means they don’t break down into smaller pieces when immersed and even agitated in water.

Because they don’t break down, disposable wipes mix with FOG and other particles in the wastewater collection system creating blockages and clogging wastewater pumps causing them to fail, both of which may result in an overflow.