Community Development

We are dedicated to serving the residents of the City of Murfreesboro. Our efforts are focused on benefiting those of low- and moderate-income by partnering with local, federal and state agencies to provide decent housing, a suitable living environment and ensuring economic opportunities.

Community Development Consolidated and Action Plan 

Murfreesboro Consolidated Plan 2020-2024
2022-2023 Annual Action Plan


Funding for the activities carried out by this department is from the U.S. Department of Housing and the Urban Development Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).

Housing Programs

The Department offers housing programs that assist low- and moderate-income households. The Affordable Housing Program assists first-time home buyers with down payment and closing costs. The Housing Rehabilitation Program helps income-eligible homeowners correct substandard conditions in their home.

The department promotes fair housing within the city and offers assistance with any concern regarding rights under the fair housing laws. Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds are also used for eligible public works projects and for public service grants to nonprofit agencies which provide services for income-eligible residents. For more information, see the city’s Action Plan or its end of the year report (CAPER).

Citizen Engagement

In a continuing effort to meet the needs of Murfreesboro residents, we encourage citizen participation in the planning process for community development activities. The department conducts public hearings at least twice each year. Hearings are publicized in local newspapers, on City Channel 3 and on the City website. The public is invited to public hearings and offer input on the proposed annual plan. 

You are invited to call the City of Murfreesboro Community Development Department at 615-890-4660, and get involved with your community.