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Sinking Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant
Wastewater Treatment Process
Sinking Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant signA new wastewater treatment plant was placed in operation in 2000. The staff at the Sinking Creek Wastewater Treatment plant (SCWWTP) is responsible for ensuring that pollutants and harmful nutrients are removed from the wastewaters of the City’s domestic and industrial customers. The plant is permitted to treat 16 million gallons per day (MGD). SCWWTP provides primary treatment of the influent flow using step screening and a vortex grit removal process. Secondary treatment is carefully controlled multi-stage biological process that includes various microorganisms metabolizing nutrients to meet TDEC National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit requirements.Permit Sign The water is then filtered, disinfected by ultraviolet light, and aerated before discharge to the West Fork Stones River. The resulting reclaimed water, on par with the drinking water standards of the 1970’s, ensures that all downstream users and aquatic life are protected from harmful contaminants that could otherwise enter the waterway.

If you are interested in touring the wastewater treatment plant, please email us or call 615-848-3225.

Reclaimed Water
Reclaimed water is utilized on-site at the treatment plant for irrigation and for plant process water. A 24-inch reuse water line has been installed from the plant to Broad Street to make this resource available for other uses.

Pretreatment Program

To protect the POTW from high strength discharges from Industries and Commercial establishments, the City of Murfreesboro has developed and implemented an Industrial Pretreatment Program. The program requires Industrial Customers to apply for a permit before being able to discharge to the sanitary sewer. The permit sets limits on concentrations of certain contaminate, and allows for monitoring and enforcement of violations to the discharge permit. Along with monitoring industrial users the pretreatment program also regulates hauled waste. All septic haulers are required to apply for a permit before being allowed to use the facility for disposal. Campers, RVs and food trucks are welcome to dispose of their wastewater free of charge. Food trucks however must receive permission before being allowed and must only dispose of wastewater. We will not accept grease or cooking oil. These types of discharges are regulated through the FOG program.

Career Day
Career Day
Jenny Strobel participating in Overall Creek Elementary School Career day

Contact Us
John Strickland
Wastewater Plant Manager

2032 Blanton Drive
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

Phone: (615) 848-3225
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