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2017 Resolutions
Select the Resolution title (in blue) below to open. Only Resolutions that have passed City Council are available here.

RESOLUTION 17-R-01 honoring Vice Mayor Douglas Brock Young for his dedicated service to the City of Murfreesboro.

RESOLUTION 17-R-02 regarding a temporary credit to extend the period designated in Murfreesboro City Code Section 33-51(B)(1)(c), Reduction in charges for water excluded from sewerage system.

RESOLUTION 17-R-03 expressing official intent that certain expenditures to be incurred in connection with certain public works projects, and related expenditures for purchase of 700 MHz tower site infrastructure, dispatch consoles and two-way radios and accessories and tower and tower site equipment, UHF/VHF 700 MHz tower site infrastructure, and microwave equipment, be reimbursed from proceeds of notes, bonds, or other indebtedness to be issued or incurred by the City of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

RESOLUTION 17-R-04 requesting the Tennessee General Assembly to pass a Private Act amending the Murfreesboro City Charter to address the filling of vacancies on City Council and Election dates.

RESOLUTION 17-R-05 authorizing the adjustment of employee payroll from a current payroll cycle to a two-week arrears payroll cycle.